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On: 12 July 2011

Droneo 1.3 pattern feature

Droneo 1.3 is getting yet another class of evolving mirror: I'd better stop, or start a whole new droning app (which I want to do any way) - which is pretty fascinating.
Each reed gets not only an interval, but also a specially coded pattern string of harmonics of that interval (or 0). this pattern is played in a loop.
so, play three against two:
reed 1: 1/1 10 length is 2
reed 2: 3/2 100 length is 3 ...

play a harmonically based scale:
reed 1: 1/8 89abcdef
( I use hex digits for harmonics, but extend it 16 more places up to w)

now I can build up polyrhythms in a sensible manner, using an pitches I like, and explore micro melodies and phasing.
Also, I can simulate hammered dulcimer patterns like
1: 1/1 20003000
2: 9/8 02000300
3: 5/4 00200030
4: 4/3 00020003

and then I can change the "string's" tuning the same way.

Although a little tough to type in on the phone, droneo voices can handle them fine, and you could make something pretty impressive and long playing using just these 8 reeds.

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