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On: 05 May 2011

synthicity itself 1.0.1

Well, it's been a week, and so it's time for another update to synthicity.... it'll still be simple though.
Among some bug fixes, there are a few features thrown in:
- polyphony expanded to 32 voices. I found that at 8000 and 11025 Hz, synthicity can keep up with this polyphony (you need it if you make the decay really long).
- scales now add a pentatonic minor to the mix, and a "surprise" which is a random bunch of just intervals.
- you can reset the sample rate while the app is "sleeping" in the quick launch.

I'm looking into some way to detect when it can't handle the polyphony load and starts making the UI stutter and the sound stammer.

at 44100, it's about 12 voices, and it gets better as you drop the sample rate.

posted at 15:56:56 on 05/05/11 2011 by jhhlnet - Category: synthicity


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