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On: 08 April 2011

synthicity itself hath been thubmitted

synthicity itself is simplicity itself.

simply start it up and put your fingers on it.
it will immediately start playing.
move your fingers around, the sounds will change pitch and timbre.

there is a simple menu accessed simply by touching the bottom bar.
with it you can change some characteristics of the synthetic voices.
you can clamp the frequencies to a small number of scales.
you can change the starting pitch and number of octaves.
you can change the attack rate. you can change the decay rate.
you can change the slew rate (how fast the synthesizer follows your fingers).
you can add a little delay effect.

were i to add more, it wouldn't be simple any more, would it be?

synthicity itself is fully supported on the iPad in all orientations and on the iphone.

synthicity itself. it's so synthle.

from the developer behind the complicated Tondo, Droneo, SrutiBox and the simple Minute, Enumero, Wind Chimes and Lake Piano.

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