New Gadget Madly In Hope

On: 07 December 2010


I've successfully changed Loopi's name to Tondo! Why?well, there's this app out there, pretty well known, called Loopy, and I didn't want the two to get confused.
It's nothing like Tondo, but what the heck. Why Tondo? Well, a Tondo is a round painting, and the roundness is something I wanted to express. After all, it lets you paint sound on a round canvas. It's the same program, only I'm squashing little bugs and writing more documentation. I hope to submit it soon.

I've been writing it since maybe May 2009, and it's time it joined my stable of apps!

And .. Decemebr 13th, I finally submitted it to the Apple Reviewers! It's in their picky, overworked hands now!

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