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On: 15 December 2008

Thoughts about SrutiBox

SrutiBox has been out for a few months now - and more than a thousand people have bought it.
Thank you very much!

It's been extremely gratifying to be able to contact a few of you in email and to read your positive comments!

Usually when I write a program, I get to some level with it and then it's not interesting to me anymore, but I'm finding SrutiBox is not one of them. I realize that it is not part of a real Carnatic music tradition - it's actually more of an outcrop of my own music in the 80s, which I called Beatless Music: music that was a kind of extreme rejection of the extreme beat heavy excesses of pop music, and also the ticky-tocky texture of minimalism and classical toccatas and the like. It's also in line with the philosophy of my old program RGS (which I may transmogrify into some sort of iPhone form). RGS is a real time sonic spectrogram paint program, and playing with it makes you realize that there is no real difference between chords, timbres, beats, rhythms and other characteristics of music - it's a matter of scale. Beatless music is an attempt to explore the scale of events below the level of a beat - and the new SrutiBox Churn feature is really good at that.

Here's an example of my "Beatless" music: Attention All Passengers", made with tape loops on an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, an EQ box and a Casio keyboard.

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