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On: 10 October 2008

SrutiBox plugging along

I see a few hundred of you have upgraded, thanks! I'm tinkering with a few things I noticed were a little off:

- naming new saved settings sometimes comes up with not too useful names.
- trying to save over a read-only set (like SrutiBox or Just Just) fails but doesn't tell you
- After renaming a saved setting, you return to a list that is supposed to still have the little minus signs on it, but for some reason they aren't rendering.
In fact, if you have a lot of saved settings in tht list, scrolling up and down will lose the minus sign . I have to find the call the correctly renders these "cells".

posted at 17:21:06 on 10/10/08 2008 by jhhlnet - Category: SrutiBox


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