New Gadget Madly In Hope

19 April 2012

I am still here

I bet you think I've stopped working on these apps -- but you are so very wrong.

I'm trying to get some more of them out the door and push a few updates as well:
Meanwhile, I'm also writing a few apps for other people that you should be seeing ... when they are done.

things with some kind of updates:
Droneo - I'm mostly working on the new doc file and getting some of the evolving stuff to behave again.
Enumero: more kinds of counting, and I hope better phonetic synth.
Tondo: I haven't been thinking about it too much, but the new version is Universal.
synthicity itself: a few more kinds of sounds
things that oughta get released sometime:
Ellipsynth: the granular synth which is like synthicity.
Sonoctopus: is getting a major rethink to help organize your sonic material better.
Tines: this may not come out, but it's a sample player based on my little music box, and it also can play by itself (and act as a MIDI receiver)
an as-yet-unnamed super cheezy General Midi synth.
Oradaio: plays internet radio streams like an instrument (tip o' the hat to John Cage)
Synaestesia: turns live video into audio in a number of ways
Cake Clock: the worst clock app you've ever seen.
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