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08 October 2008

SrutiBox v 1.1 ready for sale

SruitBox v1.1 (a rather Major update ) is ready for sale and should be in the store within a few hours.

Thank you and upgrade when you like - it's a free update as a gift to my drone-loving friends!

There may be a 1.1.1 to fix some annoying things (mostly typos in the version information).

You can check out the 1.1 docs (newly formatted) here

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03 October 2008

SrutiBox v1.1 submitted

Hi folks - SrutiBox v1.1 has been submitted ... in fact, there are pix of the NEW version up in the iTunes store, but the app is not there yet. You'd think Apple would have a way to synch the update of the store with the update of the app, but I digress.

If you are using SrutiBox for some purpose, drop me a note ( telling me about it and I'll put it in a new section of the SrutiBox web site.

So, look for a new version in about a week.

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