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04 January 2024

2024 is here!

Well, many projects are kind of stuck in a sleepy state right now! I've been writing firmware for the mysterious h-pi Flash synthesizer, roughly thumb sized. To control it, I've put together a crude webapp.
Line Hum is in better shape, but I want to see if I can control the size of its window. Furrau is not any different, much, there are still some AU tricks I need to discover.
I'm also interested in porting Pink Trombone to an AU that uses MIDI polyphonic pressure commands to make vocal sounds. We'll see!
AUMI Together is not very together, but the AUMI book is coming out soon, and there should be a new video and a new AUMI soon with some obscure features added to it mostly for my own sake.

I've also been making physical instruments out of my Ear-idescent Nightingale 24 string autoharp, and a bunch of old wrenches.
There are some youtube videos detailing this:

I get the very silly domain and have its website running on the NAS in my kitchen.

I should move some of my older stuff off the old ECHO website there!
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26 May 2011

Upcoming App news

I have some updates for Droneo and Tondo in the making ... I just need to test them out a bit more. These updates include recording features !
There is also another app in the wings, Ellipsynth, a kind of complicated sibling to sinthicity itself, which uses roughly the same interface to control polyphonic granular synthesis. Hear it at My soundcloud page is actually a good spot for hearing previews of my apps.

Ellipsynth is not the only sibling of synthicity I plan on - there may be a more interesting version with more timbral choices and control options.
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21 February 2011

Status report

I'm working on a number of little projects, and among them is an app called Minute which I hope to get together very soon for submission: here's a preview of the
associated website.

Also, I'll be featured soon on a new radio show on the new radio station WGXC, a local radio station serving Columbia and Green counties in upstate New York, where Catskill and Hudson, two very nice art-y communities, are located. More as that develops.
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12 October 2010

In the oven, cooking

Hexelsior is currently cooking now. It's an infinite (in the 32-bit sense) array of hexagons, each with its own number, which sends an OSC message when it's touched or released. Multitouch is enabled, and there's a primitive synthesizer built in for feedback. Also, you can zoom in and out and I'll probably put in a few more features before releasing it. But it's primarily an OSC client for driving external synthesis.
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02 August 2010

New Gadget, etc, restored

GoDaddy sent me the backup for this blog, so now, it's not a year and a half out of date anymore!

Again: I'm working on updating my apps for 4.0 and adding a few little extras in, as well as working on the forever-delayed new apps.

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