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April 11, 2011
Fantastic drone app
by Golden master
This is a great sounding and feature packed app. I am a just intonation enthusiast and i love the amazing amount of flexibility allowed in specifying intervals and timbres. Very useful and unique. My first app review-- just had to say something about this one.
Thanks, Golden Master!
Sept 1, 2008
2.99 for generic sine waves!?
$2.99 for a generic sine wave oscilator...rip off. Create your own tones in Logic, Reason, or Ableton...save your money; I wish I did.
This pesky review hung around for a very long time! This articulate and thrifty reviewer from the early days clearly didn't notice all the other timbres that the Srutibox sported. You could also build up some pretty complicated textures even in the old days with just and near-just harmonics. But you could save a lot of money buying Logic ($499.00), Reason ($499.00) or Ableton ($449.00) and run them on a suitably powered Mac ($$$) ... or you could listen to SrutiBox ($2.99) on your iPhone.
Sept 18, 2008
Very Cool
This is not, as one reviewer said, a "simple sine wave oscillator", it allows additive synthesis of 12 oscillators. While it may not match the authentic sound of a harmonium, it is in fact very cool. I agree that the sliders are a bit hard to control (it got easier when I found I could tap on the location I want it to go to, rather than trying to drag the button). My other complaint is that the help text is way too small to read; the zoom gesture did make the text larger, but then it was too hard to scroll. I'm only going to 4 stars because it is totally lacking in modulation options.
Thanks! Since then, I fixed up the instructions page and made the "expanding/contracting" controls feature.
Jan 14, 2011
Dew dew
Bob bobson bobby
Sounds are very very bad. Waste of money. Should be marketed as a simple multiple sine wave generator.
This review seems to be hanging around for a while also. A peek at the instructions shows how to get to the other timbres. Here are some more positive reviews:
Aug 16, 2010
I likes mine raw!
Perfect portable drone to sing over. Henry Lowengard is an informed and skilled programer. Squeal like a monkey all you want but if you sit down with this app and open mind you can learn something musically useful.
Thanks for the compliments!
Never thought I'd see something like this on the iPhone!
Michael Fuchs (UK store)
Simply brilliant, unlikely to appear on any official "most favourite app" list, but brilliant nonetheless! Great new update with basically all the features I wanted without even telling anyone. The developer must be psychic too! :-)
Listening to Srutibox may exercise your psychic powers!


Leave Your own Droneo Review!
Jan 25, 2012
Wonderful, unique app!
The "Drone" sound caught my attention back when Nine Inch Nails started incorporating it into their music. I always wanted to gain a better understanding of it, as well as make some sounds of my own to sample for Nanostudio. It's a little confusing but even by fooling around, you can make some interesting sounds. I really like this app! The dev is also friendly and quick to answer questions.
Thanks for the compliments!