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Performances and Recordings:
Archaic Signal Aperus September 2020Bandcamp "Wanted to alert you that I used droneo (and listed it as an instrument in the credits) on tracks 4 and 7 of this ambient album."
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(ensemble in various tunings)
Chris Vaisvil
October 2018online Physalis is composition for an ensemble of guitar and synthesizers in various tunings (17 edo, JI, harmonic series, unconstrained).
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Healing Mix
texture produced by harmonic changes
Warren Burt
January 2011Wollongong, NSW, Australia In January, while Catherine was in the hospital (she's ok now, thanks for asking), I was passing time by playing with Henry Lowengard's iPhone app, Droneo. Droneo is a microtonalists dream. Even if you don't want to make a "drone," it's a wonderful way to be carrying around a microtonal harmonic sketchpad in your pocket. Any up to 8 note chord in any tuning you want can be heard almost instantly. I began experimenting with various 13th chords in various tunings, and playing the results for Catherine, who was at this point recovering from surgery, and was pretty fragile. It was fascinating to hear what sounds (when heard over her cell-phone speaker) she felt were relaxing, or healing, and which sounds were annoying. At first, almost everything was annoying - only the most filtered of sounds, played softly, were acceptable. As healing progressed, higher harmonics and more harmonic motion was found relaxing. And so it went.
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I've always wanted Droneo to have a place in the world of sound healing. Thanks, Warren, for trying it out!
electronics duo
rise set twilight Michael T. Bullock &
Linda Aubry Bullock
24 September 2008The Green Door, Burlington VT
Nick Dan October 2008(Australia)Thought you'd like to know I used your app for a gig and recording session the last few days.
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Bob Scott October 2008(Australia)Its a beautiful idea, i love playing with it - really takes you somewhere else - so many possibilities!
I've been experimenting using low fundamentals ~ 30Hz into large PAs for live installations/performance... quite amazing results [ ...] Also great fun feeding into other signal processingm etc, etc!.
Pauline Oliveros April - May 2009 Vienna Austria, Belfast, N. Ireland Droniphonia with iPHONES, Spatialization, Streaming environments and Multiple Instruments (2009)

Based on the iPHONE application Srutibox by Henry Lowengard

Environmental streams from Locus Sonus

Concept by Pauline Oliveros

Droniphonia has polytonal drones continually morphing timbres, volumes and fundamentals moving in space. Networked musicians (Belfast, Banff and Troy NY) listen to the drones and develop gradually overlapping improvised sounds and phrases - first solo and then between two or three players at a time in a slowly growing density and texture. Different musical characters appear unexpectedly from time to time out of no where on a one time basis. Finally all players weave their way in and out of the droneophony sharing the unknown finale.

"The instructions are to listen to the multimodal drones and to gradually enter the texture. Listen for the other players and grow in intensity. Play at least one outrageous phrase. Otherwise, emerge and blend with the drones."

The 2009 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music takes place in SARC, the Harty Room and the Whitla Hall, at Queen's Unversity Belfast.

Michael T. Bullock 9 November 2009 solo performance and presentation at UVA, Charlottesville VA
Dreamsilent Productions 2010 SoundCloud / Guildford, Britain (UK) hear Red Noise by Dreamsilent Productions.
ShadowOps 2010 SoundCloud / A.D. McKinley, Columbus, United States hear a number of ambient tracks by ShadowOps.
Seems to use Droneo quite a bit!
Carbonates on Mars 2012 - 2019 SoundCloud / Gareth Farmer, Walsall, Britain (UK) hear a number of ambient tracks by Carbonates On Mars.
Lots of iOS apps in there.
Mary Jane Leach and Dave Seidel 2011 The Stone, NYC Droning Geminis
An improvisation in E-flat from a concert at The Stone in NYC, Sunday June 12 2011. It was both Mary Jane's and Dave's birthday.
Mary Jane played the Droneo iPhone app and piano with e-bows. Dave played a Drone Lab synth box with various pedals (Digitech Grunge, Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail, Boss volume pedal, Screaming Demon wah pedal). There is a bit of unintended distortion in a few spots where we hit certain resonant frequencies. Mary Jane's website is
The Gemini image is from www.tattoosymbol.com/just-for-site/gemini.html
Peter Nagle 2011 UK Last Rays of Sunset on a Far Horizon
Simple version: It's some sounds. I made them with a computer and a cello. Have a listen, you might like it.
Technical version:
Drone: 1/1, 9/7, 16/11, 40/21, 48 second delay chorus (Generated on an iPhone using Droneo. Yes! This is a duet for cello and iPhone!)
Cello: retuned to match drone tones, improvised harmonics, edited, processed.
Steven Stack 2012 Toronto, Canada WAYFARIN' STRANGER ( for Michael Curtis Ramone )
Voice and drone. Jan 2012. dedicated to Michael "Curtis" Ramone . . .

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