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icon Tondo: iPhone Sonogram loop painter
version 1.0.2 November 2011
by Henry Lowengard

Welcome to Tondo!

Here are some YouTube videos of Tondo
TONDO is no longer in the app store - it may return in a new form next year!
Tondo lets you create and manipulate audio in a new way: by painting sound on a radial sonogram. With Tondo, you can learn to create sound out of its simplest elements, and how rhythm, timbre, melody and harmony all are closely related.
The basic principle behind Tondo is that all sounds can be built by adding together very simple sounds (sinusoid waves) with varying frequencies and amplitudes. Tondo organizes this information in a way that is easy to manipulate, by painting with specialized tools. As you paint the sound , the corresponding audio is generated. At any point, you can save the information or the audio you have generated and export it in a number of ways.
Tondo can be used for making samples for other programs to use, ringtones, rhythms and experimental explorations of sound. You can export the information which defines the sound onto the clipboard, which you can then paste into documents, mail to friends, post on blogs, or send to me to make public at Tondo@jhhl.net
What is a Tondo, anyway? They look like this Doni Tondo by Michaelangelo.
What is spectral music? Read: Acoustics, psychoacoustics and spectral music by Daniel Pressnitzer and Stephen McAdams or this by Anthony Cornicello.
A note about instructions: Since I can update these faster than I can update Tondo through the app store, these instructions tend to be more accurate!

Control-click (or right click) here to download the Instructions as a PDF

Thank You!
  Henry Lowengard

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