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Banshee 1.0.1

Send text messages using sound with Banshee!
BANSHEE is no longer in the App Store! It may be back in a different form next year!
Sorry! This is not a version of the Linux Banshee media playing program! I suspect Apple would not take too kindly to having a third-party iTunes-like app running on the phone.
There might be a possiblity of making a Linux Banshee controlling app on the phone, or someone could write a plug-in for the Linux Banshee that uses OSC, and there are lots of configurable OSC controllers for iOS.

Banshee Icon Banshee splash
Banshee lets you turn text into sound, sound into text.
 In a process like that used by acoustic modems, your message 
 is turned into sound which can be decoded back into the message. You can use five channels to send messages on,
  so you and your friends can send messages without mixing them up. 

Banshee creates an audio sample which you can record and mix into some other sound or send over a phone to act as a "secret message".

Banshee is by the author of the highly praised SrutiBox, Droneo, Tondo, Wind Chimes, Enumero, Minute, synthicity itself, Ellipsynth, and LakePiano .

You can see Banshee in the App Store here:Banshee - Henry Lowengard
• Questions? Write to banshee "at" jhhl.net, or go to the contact page
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