Java interface to the Internet Synthesizer!

This is the fastest way to use the Internet Synthesizer!
You see this line when you have no java - sorry!
Try some of the HTML versions of the Internet Synthesizer instead!
  1. Just drag lines from the red to the blue plugs to set up a connection.
  2. Draw the line again to erase a connection.
  3. Click on a number to change it (it will set itself to 0). Negatives and decimals are O.K.!
  4. Click on the cycling buttons to change from Sin to Square wave, etc.
  5. Reset the whole thing with the Reset button!
  6. Many wires at the same destination will sum up!
  7. The output is always rescaled,so don't worry about overflow!
  8. May not work when your Browser is running on Windows platform!

Finally, whack the GO! button to send it to the synthesizer on the server, and receive a sound.

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