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Henry Lowengard

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November 2020

Henry Lowengard (he/his) is a programmer/developer residing in Kingston NY.

Henry Lowengard has been designing Internet applications and online media since the beginnings of the publicly accessible Internet in 1991. He has been programming since 1969.
He's now writing iPhone and iPad apps, but also has a deep background in designing backends, middleware, and UI in a variety of languages, and also has great experience in maintaining, rethinking, and repairing legacy systems.
He specializes in working with "little languages", graphics, animation, audio/DSP, email, internationalization, custom servers, iPhone Apps, web services, and web site design. He writes in C, C#, Objective C, Java, PHP, Perl, Python and many other languages on Mac OS X, CocoaTouch (iPhone/iPad), Windows .NET, POSIX operating systems, IBM MVS and CMS, and other hardware and operating systems. He also works with his own custom written programs to create 2-D animation and music (visible on this very site).

Interviews / Mentions:

Here are some media of me lecturing or being interviewed:

Here's a short interview with Peter Wetzler on some of my software and music on his radio show Sound Forms, Aug 22 2021.
Here's an app-related interview with me by Warren Burt in the September 2020 edition of SoundBytes magazine
Here's a nice interview with me on "Techtonic", April 9, 2018, WFMU-FM. There are lots of links in the playlist!
Radio Interview by Mark Hurst, "Techtonic" April 9, 2018, WFMU-FM.
Here's a lecture on AUMI (mostly) that I gave at the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup in July, 2017.
HV Tech Meetup (on Favebook video)
Here's a profile about me on the now defunct Creatives MX:
CreativesMX Interview on YouTube by the late Elda Gentile.

TL;DR if your business is not involved with remediating effects, repairing infrastructure, resettling, evacuating, healing, or educating people because of the Climate Crisis, I probably won't want to work there. We in tech are uniquely positioned to work on technical AND cultural solutions to keep the life on Earth sustainable.

I have a lot of iOS experience, I'd like to keep doing that, especially if people want to develop with a mind toward:
Development and technology:
  • debugging: bug reproduction and shrinking
  • unit testing
  • continuous integration
  • internationalization and localization
  • accessibility issues
  • integration with git and bug tracking systems, customer management systems
  • audio/video production
  • text-to-speech, speech-to-text
  • adaptive use tools for mobility, speech, hearing impaired
  • Dealing with good ol' email and contacts
  • game - like user interfaces (not gamification, per se, but using contextual, community narratives to lead you through processes)
Technologies I'd love to learn on the job that I have a pretty good idea of:
  • Climate crisis related work: remediation, education, notifications
  • Machine learning and automated code generation.
  • Conversational interfaces, especially all audio.
  • Backend scalable cloud based tech: Erlang, Go, Rust
  • Packaging technology: Cocoapods, frameworks, modules, etc.
  • Adaptable documentation: source docs transformed into web pages, PDFs, interactive glossaries, etc.
  • HTML5 as an offline app platform (really works mostly on Chrome and Firefox)
  • Virtualization as a testing tool
  • Embedded hardware
  • Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE : IOT, Beacons, etc.
  • Even Android
Things also important to app development:
  • Lots of advice
  • Technical and user documentation
  • Website and backend integration
  • Graphics and Video production for assets, tutorials, examples, and marketing
What I'm interested in as work life:
  • Work remote. I'm typing all day, so sticking me on a bus is a real waste of everyone's time. I can come into NYC once or twice a week, that way it's less of a waste of time. Read this: https://www.drawdown.org/solutions/transport/telepresence and this: https://www.telework.gov
  • I will not move away from my community, family, and bands in the Mid Hudson Valley (Kingston, NY).
  • Gender equality, minority hiring. I have enjoyed working with Russians, Yugoslavs, South Asians, Israelis, and other recent immigrants.
What I'm not interested in at on-site work:
  • Gym memberships.
  • Free snacks and lunches. Instead, support your community restaurants and groceries! If you have a pantry, make sure it's stocked with dishes and dishwashing facilities; cut down on the paper and plastic you bring in.
    Also: I am not too fond of pizza. For some reason, that's the default programmer meeting food. I also don't drink coffee.
  • Other onsite distractions like foosball tables and video games.
  • Offsite distractions like drink nights etc.
Things I am always saying:
  • A user interface is not a treasure hunt.
  • An easy-to-explain "stupid" interface is better than a hard-to-explain "smart" interface.
  • I hate magic.
  • If it's hard work, you probably need better tools.
  • Don't implement a client's special feature unless at least three clients want it.
  • Software is maintenance.
  • Do site updates via failovers.
  • Help your clients test their emergency procedures.
  • Sooner or later, "programming" is going to be defining business logic tests and letting an AI do the actual coding.

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