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16 December

Andymatic Zingatron featured on Seven Second Delay

Ken and Andy introduce and play with the Zingatron here. Listen to the show here. And that drunken Ken app? Hmmm.
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07 December

Playing with iPhone Web icons

jhhl app screen

this is a (jpg converted) screen shot, unretouched off my phone.
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05 December

Comment I mad in the NYT Bits Blog today

see the NYT's Bit's blog article at:This link

"...but is it art?" - them's always fightin' words!

December 4, 2009, 7:57 PM
An iPhone Can Make Music, but Is It Art?
Is music still music when the instrument is an iPhone?

Computer based music has been around for decades, and an iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way to bring these ideas and techniques about musical composition, timbral quality, microrhythms and non trivial real time manipulation of sound out of the lab in into the pockets of millions of people. Smule's apps are very popular - and get a lot of publicity as well - and the iPhone is joining forces with the already extant 8Bit subculture as a popular digital folk instrument. That the 'phone is being used in more traditional concert situations is also encouraging: Dr. Pauline Oliveros, recognized with the 2009 Schuman Award for a lifetime of musical achievement, will be using my iPhone app, SrutiBox as part of a concert in March 2010 at Columbia University's Miller Theater to honor her work.
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