PolyHarp uses Chord Buttons to control virtual Chord Bars that do the damping, undamping, and retuning of the virtual strings. Normally, Buttons are supercycle shaped, but different kinds of buttons have different shapes. The Label used on the button is controlled in the PolyHarp Patch Dialog.

Here is the editor for a Chord Button, which is accessed in Edit Mode, when you are in the "Move and Set" sub mode. Tap on the Chord Button you want to start with and this Chord Button dialog will appear.

Patch dialog

This lets you set these Chord Button properties:

Chord Button Shape and color

String Area Assignment

MIDI Assignment

Setting the Transposition Interval

The Tone Spiral is a pretty simple one, it lets you set guides to snap to. The choices are:

More editing

Arranging Chord Buttons

Once the chord button dialog is done (tap outside it), you can arrange the positions of the buttons. * You can move any chord button anywhere on the screen by just dragging where you want it. * You can move all the Chord Buttons in the chord box around by touching in the box where there are no buttons and dragging it. You can rescale the box and all the buttons by using two fingers anywhere to zoom, rotate, and move them! If you somehow lose the box, you can get it back (usually) by shrinking it with a pinch until it reappears. * Dragging and positioning can be affected by a grid if the grid is turned on, but it's not as simple as it looks! I have to tweak this grid behavior.