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version 1.3.51, Jan 2014 See version info.
Droneo 1.3.51 is now live, and is the version with much better Audiobus support (in iOs7 only though - an update is coming)!
audiobus in This will let you use Droneo's audio as a source in a chain of other audio effects!
With Audiobus, you can record, edit and effect your Droneo Drones better than ever!
Click here to get the Droneo 1.3 instructions as a PDF.
If you are ON an iDevice, you can then save it to iBooks for convenient reading.
Here are a few Droneo voices you can import You can also export your Droneo voices here so others can use them.
Using Droneo in your work? Tell me about it! I'd like credit, but I kind of see Droneo as a tool for tapping into a vast river of sound that cannot be owned; it would be like claiming ownership of a mote of dust.
Here are some examples of Droneo in action:


Droneo (1.2) introduction video: a fast overview of Droneo 1.2 features

Droneo (1.1.1) preview tour of some Droneo timbres (even more are now available in 1.2)

Droneo (1.1) introduction video: a fast overview of Droneo 1.1 features


• MP3: Droneo Evolving Mirror feature (30 sec)
This voice uses an 'Evolving Mirror 4' which reflects a pulsed squarewave, adding harmonics to three groups of reeds related by "fifths" (3/2).
Read it Launch and load it
• MP3: Droneo 1.2.2's Consort feature (4 minutes)
This voice, called "McAnalog"is an 'Evolving Mirror 2' which reflects a dense consort of analog waveforms.
Read it Launch and load it
• MP3: Listen to how to build one kind of complex drone with Droneo! In this example, an evolving drone's base frequency is dropped a few times.
• MP3: Hear an example of Droneo 1.2's Evolving Chant voices.
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