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Harmony and Harmony 2

First of all, HARMONY is a cat. Gargoyle is a Gargoyle. Raccoony is a Raccoon. They are gathering at the central meeting place and Harmony is annoyed about Gargoyle because he smokes too much. So he says, "Let's close the doors and have some peace and quiet." Then, the Gargoyle says "Stopping Smoking? It's so unreasonable!" Then Harmony says "Let's go on vacation." And they go in their magic basket. And then, Gargoyle and Chameleon fall out. They go back to the central meeting place. You go inside Gargoyle's wise eye and see all his adventures back in time.
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Gargoyle and Harmony are trying to do a play. Gargoyle has to set up the play and forgets by accident. The play is a great success and he asks you to come again and Gargoyle takes you on a teeny-weeny trip back in time. And they ask you to come back again.
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