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December 2006

Spy Ray had his hand cut off and it was artificially replaced, but they forgot to put on the artificial skin!

Ray is an inventor who works for Spy Ray to give him animatronic robots to help him with his spying. He has a very big vocabulary and does not like the smell of pepperoni pizza.
Ghosts is about how Spy Ray & Ray gets a phone call from Amanda saying that she thinks they live next to ghosts. They go next door and find out a secret about a club called XXXX. There are lots of surprises!
I hope you like this trailer for Ghosts!.

I hope you like this new trailer for Ghosts!(Sept 2006).
I hope you like this even newer trailer for Ghosts!(Oct 2006).
Ghosts is now on DVD (ad)!(Jan 2007).


the making of Ghosts museum

Come in for the MAKING OF GHOSTS. Note the GHOSTS (and DROUGHT) posters on the door!

Ghost Girl wore this for her role in GHOSTS so did the vampire.

This is the monster of a puppet used for when Spy Ray runs from it

Spy Ray's hand used for the film.

This is puppet SNACKS that was used in the movie GHOSTS

This is a folder that has posters, signs and concept drawings for GHOSTS.

These drums were used at the end of GHOSTS in the fire Sequence.

Raymond and his storyboards for GHOSTS 2.
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