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Raymond Lowengard: producer, director, script writer, casting director, videographer, editor, actor, stop motion animator, voice talent, music, foley, DVD producer
Adventure of the Tombs

(formerly GATES OF TROY)
ADVENTURE OF THE TOMBS is about a far-away land called Egypt - ancient Egypt. A Knight and his friend are looking for their mother who mysteriously disappeared. A big apple falls from the sky and they eat it and they bury the seed in the ground. 10,000 years later, a tree grew. They climbed the tree, and in the tree they found a jewel caught in the tree. It was the Dragon's stone that was in the necklace he lost 10,000 years before, before the apple fell. And before that , they went to trial and they insisted that they were innocent and that they could be trusted in their bathroom.
I hope you like it! It's very dusty!
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