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Adventure To Pluto
(2005) in progress

It's a world full of aliens! Batwings, a character that looks like a bat wants this Zadar character, who also looks pretty strange, to fly in a rocket ship to Pluto, because there is a leak in his attic. He thinks that Pluto is sending a ray down and it's ruining his attic. He sends a little servant to Zadar, and pushes him into the rocket ship and he has to fly off. But, before he does that, he accidentally copy cats himself. Zadar ends up flying to Pluto, but Saturn is in the way of Pluto and he meets a six-eyed alien. He flies off to Pluto again, and after a very disturbing crash, finds this horse-like creature. Then he flies back to Mars. Batwings makes him go back to Pluto because he didn't ask the horse why he was sending a ray down to Mars. So he goes back to Pluto, and, and he finds out why: the horse actually wants to get rid of the black thing (it's a little piece from A WRINKLE IN TIME). He wanted to get rid of the black thing, but Mars was in the way of earth, and his ray went through exactly towards Batwings' attic window.

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