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Artificial Black produces comedies and adventures!
Raymond Lowengard: producer, director, casting director, videographer, editor, voice talent, music, foley
Jhh Lowengard: assistant producer, assistant editor, music, script boy, production assistant
December 2006
PAF! :
PAF! is about a pirate who really doesn't belong on his ship. He is accompanied by Pirate Annie.
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We're Going on a Mystery!
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on a mystery!
Ray Ada
Mr. Spy and Ms. I Love You look for mosquito blood and "The Guy". They run all over the place.
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Deviled Eggs with Chef Ray (Artificial Black TV Show)
Deviled Eggs Party Ray
Chef Ray shows you how to make Deviled Eggs, and Party Ray shows you how to present them nicely.
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Let's Go To The Moon! You fly in a rocket ship to the moon, and you find out about a Mervo martian, which is kind of Martian that comes out of the ground. Then you go back to Earth again and you hear a rocket crash.
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Ray's other film company is W M THING.

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