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Raymond Lowengard: producer, director, script writer, casting director, videographer, editor, actor, stop motion animator, voice talent, music, foley, DVD producer
A Boy Named Nheke

A BOY NAME NHEKE starts out in the African Plains, then turns black and white and then turns back to color again. He tries to build a house but it falls down on him.
Poolu And Nheke: The Jewels
In Poulu (POO-loo) and Nheke (ni-SHEE-kee), Poulu tries to save Nheke, and Nheke tries to save Poulu. And then they both knock into each other and then a big dragon comes. Suddenly, a Snake comes, a slithery snake comes. And then, everybody falls down a cliff. And then suddenly a big dragon comes and eats them all up. But Poulu and Nheke are safe.
I don't really want to give everything away, I'm trying to make up stuff.
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