W.M. THing
Film productions.

Raymond Lowengard: producer, director, script writer, casting director, videographer, editor, actor, stop motion animator, voice talent, music, foley, DVD producer, CGI animator
Ada Lowengard/Ada Graham: actor, co-writer
Jhh Lowengard: assistant producer, assistant editor, music, script boy, production assistant, password typer, webmaster
Nancy Graham: actor

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W. M. Thing Movies
Director Snag It
June 2008

Director Snag It - the hapless robot!
and : the trailer, "making of" and Outtakes! Now on DVD!
Science Fair: MACHINES
June 2007
Laws of motion in CG 3D, for the Science Fair!
The Mystery Kids
Apr 2007- (series)
The Mystery Kids! the stop motion TV show from W.M. Thing!
See the Mystery Kids Trailer.
The Maze
Feb 2007- (in production)
A girl is lost in a maze. Go along with her and find out all the troubles she finds in it before going home!
See the Maze Trailer (April 2007).
Special treat! Hear an excerpt of The Maze Soundtrack with Ray on bowed guitar.
Being a Ghost
Feb 2007- July 2007
A ghost hunter finds ghosts living in an old house and interviews them.
I hope you like this trailer for Being A Ghost!.
on DVD!
Animated House
Feb 2007- (in production)
A simple drink of water - and the magic begins!

See the Animated House Trailer!.
Feb 2007- (in production)
A stop motion adaptation of MATTIMEO, a book in the Redwall series.
see the "making of" movie on YouTube!

The Good, The Bad and the Terrifying
Dec 2006 - (in production)
A ghost hunter called Canotust (CAN-o-tust) is mysteriously drawn to a house, and finds out that there's a secret which he finally unravels.
Dec 2006
Pike and Powt are going to a ball, which they dislike, but there are some surprises when they go to it.
on DVD!
Kingston Library PSA
May 2006
Kingston Library PSA :
Ray wrote, animated, shot, captioned and put the audio on this Public Service Announcement for the Kingston Library.
Following Kato Adventure
(May 2006)
Following Kato Adventure :
Two kids and a dog chase an elusive cat around a backyard.
on DVD!
A public service announcement (PSA) for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills (UUCC).
( Apr 2005 - Dec 2006)
Ghosts is about how Spy Ray and Ray get a phone call from Amanda saying that she thinks they live next to ghosts. They go next door and find out a secret about a club called XXXX. And that's the basic concept of the story. There are lots of surprises!
Ghosts is now on DVD (ad)!(Jan 2007).
on DVD!

Dancing In Japan
( Oct 2005)
Dancing in Japan ! The girl is in the school painting a picture of the sea, when an Earthquake hit the school. Being in Japan, it wasn't very unusual - Japan has a lot of volcanos. She runs away and it becomes dark in a few shots. Then the boy finds out he got magic tricks on his desk when they repaired the school. In fact he's so happy about it that he sings a two-line song; it goes:
This is what I should have done!
All my life I should have done!
Raymond makes a big hit when he makes the end titles, for they are very exciting and illuminating.
on DVD!
Adventure To Pluto
( in progress: Apr-Oct 2005)
Adventure To Pluto ! It's a world full of aliens!
Batwings and Zadar, who live on Mars, are going to Pluto to find out what is causing the ray that is coming into Batwings' roof. When they get to Pluto, they find out that the ray is caused by an evil alien named Coran.
See the Quicktime Adventure To Pluto trailer 1.
See the Quicktime Adventure To Pluto trailer 2.
See the Quicktime Adventure To Pluto trailer 3.
Jewel In Time
(Mar 2005)
Jewel In Time is about Time Travel!
See the Quicktime Jewel In Time trailer.
on DVD!
Lock, Shock and Barrel
(Feb 2005)
Lock, Shock and Barrel is about three children on a deserted island called Lock, Shock and Barrel. The oldest one, Lock, is the most cleverest of all (as so he thinks). His so-called wonderful idea makes him fly in the air with a pillow. Barrel thinks that his idea isn't such a great one, so he says, "What now?"
on DVD!
(Feb 2005)
MATILDA is reading her book, when she figures out that she can control things. She practices on a few pillows before reaching her final masterpiece. (She actually makes chalk move all by itself.)
I hope you like it:
See the Quicktime Matilda trailer (lo bandwidth).
See the Quicktime Matilda trailer (high bandwidth).
on DVD!
Ada's Cinderella (Dec 2004) Click to see the Quicktime Cinderella trailer!.
Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, so I don't have to tell you about it here.
on DVD!
Harm Do No Good
Harm Do No Good starts with a magic carousel . Then you go in the graveyard and you see all the creatures. A nice monster takes you on a flight through the air, then an unfortunate thing happens. The monster dies. Back at the graveyard, The three headed monster goes to the dead place and investigates. He comes back and another monster goes to the carousel . He goes inside of the horse by accident, falls into Sleepyland, falls back to the graveyard.
on DVD!
Harmony and Harmony 2
First of all, HARMONY is a cat. Gargoyle is a Gargoyle. Raccoony is a Raccoon. They are gathering at the central meeting place and Harmony is annoyed about Gargoyle because he smokes too much. So he says, "Let's close the doors and have some peace and quiet." Then, the Gargoyle says "Stopping Smoking? It's so unreasonable!" Then Harmony says "Let's go on vacation." And they go in their magic basket. And then, Gargoyle and Chameleon fall out. They go back to the central meeting place. You go inside Gargoyle's wise eye and see all his adventures back in time.
on DVD!
Gargoyle and Harmony are trying to do a play. Gargoyle has to set up the play and forgets by accident. The play is a great success and he asks you to come again and Gargoyle takes you on a teeny-weeny trip back in time. And they ask you to come back again.
on DVD!
Adventure of the Tombs
(formerly GATES OF TROY)
ADVENTURE OF THE TOMBS is about a far-away land called Egypt - ancient Egypt. A Knight and his friend are looking for their mother who mysteriously disappeared. A big apple falls from the sky and they eat it and they bury the seed in the ground. 10,000 years later, a tree grew. They climbed the tree, and in the tree they found a jewel caught in the tree. It was the Dragon's stone that was in the necklace he lost 10,000 years before, before the apple fell. And before that , they went to trial and they insisted that they were innocent and that they could be trusted in their bathroom.
I hope you like it! It's very dusty!
Death Is Coming To You, Live!
DEATH IS COMING TO YOU, Live! is a completely different story from DEATH IS COMING TO YOU. The Boy and The Girl wake up at night and chase ghosts in a big house. They have many adventures!
on DVD!
Cat in the Hat Meets Godzilla
CAT IN THE HAT MEETS GODZILLA is all about a cat who come in from the door unexpectedly. The girl says "Oh Hello, Mr. Cat" and they jump on the couch. After the Cat sleeps over, he goes. Her brother comes home. They go to a ball. They meet Godzilla there.
on DVD!
Death Is Coming To You
DEATH IS COMING TO YOU is likely enjoyed because it's so scary. X-3-2-9 is a robot. And it is supposed to scare people away from this castle that's in the movie. And the castle somehow almost gets destroyed, and SeeSee and G.G. have to save it. G.G. and SeeSee are the characters. And then the story almost comes to an end, where the castle almost gets destroyed by the horrible monster who lives in Egypt.
There's a guy in it who's headless that had stolen a witch's hat so his head got cut off in a really bad temper, and then he cut off other peoples' heads because he wanted them to look like they did the same thing.
See the lo-fi Quicktime Death Is Coming To You movie.
It's about this spider who goes on a trip to visit his Grandma and his car gets stalled and he stops on this island. Well , it's not really an island, it's a place. His car stops there and there's this old train. He comes to an island called MONSTERLAND. Then, he comes to a big monster. It's just all about this little spider who comes to this land and he has a big adventure there with all these monsters. wait - We'll have more on this later after the preview.
Nightmare In Texas
NIGHTMARE IN TEXAS has two characters: Zaxz [Zags] and Zaz. NIT is very scary sometimes. Parts are scary. But, sometimes, I don't know if there is a big old thing coming to get Zaxz and Zaz.
A Boy Named Nheke and Poolu And Nheke: The Jewels
A BOY NAMED NHEKE starts out in the African Plains, then turns black and white and then turns back to color again. He tries to build a house but it falls down on him.
Poolu And Nheke: The Jewels In Poulu (POO-loo) and Nheke (ni-SHEE-kee), Poulu tries to save Nheke, and Nheke tries to save Poulu. And then they both knock into each other and then a big dragon comes. Suddenly, a Snake comes, a slithery snake comes. And then, everybody falls down a cliff. And then suddenly a big dragon comes and eats them all up. But Poulu and Nheke are safe.
I don't really want to give everything away, I'm trying to make up stuff.
Ray's other film company is ARTIFICIAL BLACK.
One of his bands is the Drought.
Visi Falling Broken Wings, Ada's movies.

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