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Very Exciting.
Day of the Dead:
performance at Giorgio Gomelsky's place, 1989
Download A 01 Day of the Dead Mixdown Oct 28, 1989.mp3

Cyberspace Mixdown:
performance at Giorgio Gomelsky's place, 1989
Download A 03 HARM sample and Cyberspace.mp3

Download A 04 HARM Backward Guitar.mp3

Download A 05 RGS Cyberspace.mp3

Download A 06 HARM We March.mp3

Download A 07 BITE ST. Peters.mp3

Download A 08 Anci Sammy Subway.mp3

Download A 09 BITE Amiga RKM.mp3

Download A 10 Sequence, LYR.mp3

Download A 11 Microtonal Storm.mp3

Download A 12 BITE Mendelsohn's Octet.mp3

Download A 13 It Was Not Real Life, It Was Art.mp3

Download A 14 BITE Send a SASE.mp3

Download A 15 BITE Manipulating David Garland.mp3

Julius Monk Revue Songs
Download 11 A Seasonal Sonatina - NY is a Summer Festival.mp3

Download 12 A Seasonal Sonatina - Autumn at the Automat.mp3

Download 13 10 Percent Banlon.mp3

Download 13 A Seasonal Sonatina - Winter.mp3

Download 14 A Seasonal Sonatina -Spring - the Meltin' of the Slush.mp3

Download Collectin' of the plaid.mp3

Download Gristedes.mp3

Download LexExpress.mp3

John Lotas Agency Presentation Reel
Commercial voices and effects, 1972
Download 01 Intro.mp3

Download 02 Male Voices.mp3

Download 03 Female Intro.mp3

Download 04 Female Voices.mp3

Download 05 Personalities.mp3

Download 06 Sound Effects.mp3

WBAI Airchecks: Oblique Strategies with Peter Schmideg
Download WBAI Aircheck 930111 A.mp3

Download WBAI Aircheck 930111 B.mp3

Other Older Pieces
Download Mumble Roll.mp3

Download PlugNetwork.mp3

Download Server Not Available.mp3

Pieces by me, Brian Dewan, Nina Katchadourian, for a contest by Jeffrey Lopez and Lauren Rosati 2007
Download Brian Dewan's Ice Cream Happy_Kone.mp3

Download Come And Get It!.mp3

Download Nina Katchadourian's Balanese Softee.mp3

Download Shouty Softee.wav

Download Softy Robots.mp3

Whole tone Hyperpiano a capella chant
Download Ars Est Celare Artem Plainsong.wav

Music to the lyrics of Kurt Gottschalk (2016)
Download Ada's Ostriches.mp4 (video)

Download Ostriches.mp3

Download To Kill a Bigger Tree.mp3

Newer pieces, Parodies, Pastiches, Whatever
Download Counting Harmonium.mp3

Download DavidArner+10-Bells.mp3

Download I Haz a Sad.mp3

Download Liftoff.mp3

Download Long wond mix.mp3

Download Omen by Lionel Kearns, Feb 13, 85.mp3

Download Peepers In New Paltz-44.1-noisy.mp3

Download Thirteen clarinet.mp3

Une Harpe Autoharp recordings
Polaroid Riot Journal A reading of part of this dadistic zine, with accompaniment on DX7 through the MIDI altering program MONKEY.
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