Mamalama performed on WKZE 98.1FM on Paul Higgins's Nightshade program on July 13, 2014. Here are three songs from that show:
 The World Of Color and Light
 Looking Up, Falling Down
 Flowers and Blood
Mamalama successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to get us to the APAP Global Performing Arts Conference and Marketplace Showcase in NYC next January!

Mamalama's "Same Room Twice" will be used in the soundtrack of the upcoming indie film Manhattan Romance", by Tom O'Brian. Want to buy it? Click here!

Watch for us at the Sinterklaas Festival in Rhinebeck, Sat, December 6th,2013.

Mamalama performs an eclectic style of music which is difficult to define.The band seamlessly melds Renaissance,Anglo-European folk, classical, psychedelica, and world music styles to create a stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound. It all results in an etherial auditory experience which really can not be replicated in a studio environment. Mamalama's music is organic and improvisational in nature. Although all of the songs have definite form, none of them are ever performed the same way twice making each concert a unique experience.

Mamalama is comprised of Elizabeth Clark on Harp, Piano and Vocals; Henry Lowengard on Hammer Dulcimer, Glockenspiel, Tenor Recorder, Melodica, and Vocals; Rusty Boris on Bass and Vocals; Eric Ortner on Violin, French Horn, and Vocals; Annie Roland on Vocals and Octave Mandolin; Cornelia Logan on Cello and Vocals.

Spring 2014
Mamalama is back with new songs and live shows! Look for us in July at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock, and more!

Winter 2013-2014
Mamalama is done for the year, and after a break will be back playing around in the spring of 2014!
We have a lot of new songs, and you can see and hear some of them on the Mamalama YouTube video channel.
Our goal for this year is to get back in the studio and make some new tracks!
Thanks for your support!

In late October 2012, Upstate Moving Images shot this music video for the title track of The World of Color and Light at Platte Clove and a field near Palenville.

Autumn 2012 news:
The World of Color and Light has been reviewed by Sharon Nichols in the September 2012 issue of Chronogram.

Envision a beckoning gate opening to an enchanted land full of magic and mystery. Because if you're into that sort of thing, you're going to cherish this recording. [...] [Y]ou'll find Saugerties's Mamalama blending myriad genres: Renaissance, Anglo-European folk, classical, psychedelica, world music – to create a stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound that may lull you to a place of peace, if only you allow it.

Mamalama recorded the tracks for an album of new songs called "The World of Color and Light" in October 2011. We've been playing them a lot of them in recent concerts, and now they have been recorded and mixed, with some overdubs, new instruments, and guest musicians David Gluck and Brian Macaluso. Read more!

"With intoxicating acoustic threads of harp and ethereal voice — driven by an eclectic mini-orchestra of violin, cello, upright electric bass, hammered dulcimer, french horn, tenor mandolin, music boxes and ethereal harmonies — Mamalama weaves a vibrant tapestry of chamber-folk and classical, world music, minimalism, sacred/early music, and mystical, image-rich poetry.

Listeners often recall the music of Kate Bush and Philip Glass, paired with ancient elements and modes calling to mind the soaring melodies of the 12th century Hildegard of Bingen and early polyphonic sacred music.

Front-woman Elizabeth Clark-Jerez composes music for harp and voice stemming from experiences with prayer, meditation, and dreaming. The music is orchestrated by the entire Mamalama ensemble, which is made up of many well known Hudson Valley ensemble performers including: Rusty Boris on upright bass; Eric Otner on violin/voice/french horn (Virginia Wolves, St. Marks Consort); Henry Lowengard on hammered dulcimer/tenor recorder/melodica/glockenspiel/voice (American Festival of Microtonal Music/Loser's Lounge/"Droneo"); Cornelia Logan on cello/voice; and Annie Roland (of Barely Lace) on voice/tenor mandolin.

"....a stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound that may lull you to a place of peace, if only you allow it." (Chronogram Magazine)

"...A swirling tapestry of ancient and classical textures. I love that (Mamalama) has a truly singular sound, like a musical organism..." (Paul Higgins, WKZE Radio NY)

" The music of Mamalama will reconnect you with the beauty and mystery of the universe..." (Radman X @ WVKR Radio)

"If Rivendell had a house band, Mamalama would be it!" (Elisa Nudelman Winter)

"Mamalama's music is like walking into a dream...." (fan @The Omega Institute, New York)

"The relationships between all of the different elements in nature — both the natural world and our own inner nature — are very inspiring... along with dreams, meditation and prayer, modern science, physics, mythology. Ancestors, flowers, water, light, wind, birds. And lots more water.
With our music, everything comes together very organically. It is unusually scored, with colorful paintings and descriptions of dynamics, modes, and visual forms rather than long sheets of dictated notes and rhythms. The music is as much about the individual player and their presence as it is about the notes and rhythms. What we offer to our audience is very much a true collaboration, and a living, breathing music. " says harpist, vocalist, and composer Elizabeth Clark-Jerez.

The sumptuous fruits of this organic alchemy are in verdant abundance on Mamalama's two albums "Willows and Waves" and, the most recent album "The World of Color and Light". Willows and Waves contains bewitching gems like the two radically divergent mixes of the lilting "Sparkle," a celebratory ode to the living world around us whose addictive refrain reminds that that "even the grass is listening," and "Same Room Twice," a shimmering meditation on universal entropy with glints of Philip Glass. The title track "The World of Color and Light" and "Flowers and Blood" boast lush classical orchestrations layered with ethereal choral collages, while "Light from Light" cascades with music-box-like harp and glockenspiel interplay. The music creates its own realm, and quietly draws the audience inside that atmosphere.

For booking, email list, or general info,
email Elizabeth at mamalama777 at aol dot com or call (845) 443-6650

mamalama bios
Elizabeth Clark-Jerez is the harpist/vocalist/songwriter for the band Mamalama.
She has been steeped in the music of many different cultures through her world travels and apprenticeships, especially the music of modern and ancient Europe (sacred, medieval, renaissance, Celtic, Greek, Calabrian, classical), the traditional music of Native North and South American indigenous people (Algonquin, Lakota, Inca), West African music, various American pop/folk/roots songwriters, and modern orchestral composers.
Her formal studies include music composition at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, and monastic music studies in a "Contemplative Musicianship" through the "Chalice of Repose Project" with Therese Shroeder-Sheker (world-renowned harpist and founder of the Music Thanatology field, i.e. music for the dying).
Elizabeth currently composes and performs her music throughout the Northeastern United States. She is also a mother, a wife, and a music teacher.
Henry Lowengard is the dulcimer hammerer, Pianica/Mylodica blower, tenor recorder player, glockenspieler, bamboo clarinetist, and hungarian zither strummer for the band Mamalama.
He is mostly known musically as a computer music programmer and performer (RGS, LYR, BITE, Monkey) on Amigas in the 80s and 90s, now on iPhones and related devices with SrutiBox, Droneo, Tondo, synthicity itself and others). He was also a singer with the Loser's Lounge and the Empty Orchestra Cafe in NYC, an experimental autoharpist, and performer / composer with the American Festival of Microtonal Music.
He's been playing hammered dulcimer since 1985, tenor recorder since 1973, and recently restored his old hungarian zither (magyar citera) which can be heard in a few Mamalama tracks. His droning iPhone apps are featured in Pauline Oliveros's "Droniphonia(2009)." More? See, which is hosting this website anyway.

Rusty Boris plays upright bass for Mamalama, but also can bee seen playing bass guitar and guitar.

Rusty is a skilled improviser and instrumental performer in many styles, including: blues, rock (classic, old-time, and alternative), jazz (both restricted and free), funk, reggae, bluegrass, folk, country, new age, and styles are too many adjectives.

He has recorded parts on many recording sessions, and also performs live throughout the region with a variety of musicians of acclaim.

Rusty has studied at Berklee College of music, School of Contemporary Music, and has a BA from the Evergreen State College with a major in music composition recording / studio production.

Eric Ortner has been performing on the violin for over thirty years. He started studying under the Suzuki method at the age of three. This early relationship with music has created a long-lasting love affair with the violin and all genres and styles of music that has remained with him for the entirety of his life. He started studying violin under the guidance of Margaret Setviet in Buffalo, New York. Mr. Ortner?s education then continued under the supervision of Michael Hobart. He moved to New York?s Hudson Valley region in 2001 and has been performing and recording with various groups and musicians in the region ever since. One of the most prominent ensembles Eric has been affiliated with is St. Marks Consort, with whom Eric Ortner performed for five years. This group has functioned as the house band at the New York Renaissance Fair in various incarnations for the past 25 years. While in St. Marks Consort, Eric was recorded on two CDs released by iWaz music. He was a member of The Hudson River Folk Symphony in 2009 and placed in The Times Herald Record's 2010 Best of the Hudson Valley for Chamber Music Experience of the year. Eric performs in multiple styles of music including classical, rock, blues, jazz, country and bluegrass. He does not limit himself to violin, but considers himself a specialist in string instruments in general. He has performed and recorded on guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, Baglama Saz (Turkish long neck lute) and Bazouki (Greek long neck lute). He has also studied brass instruments and can play French horn and trumpet. Mr. Ortner?s current musical endeavors are primarily focused on the performance of classical music at weddings and special events.
Since the early 1980s, Annie Roland has been performing her original music as well as traditional European ballads and contemporary pieces. She has applied the classical training of her soprano voice into a unique style which is at times trance-like and often ethereal in nature. In an extended partnership with singer Carrie Chapman, she has most often performed as the duo Barely Lace. When in its full incarnation, Barely Lace is blessed with Alan Thompson on percussion and Rusty Boris on bass. Barely Lace is the name of a character in a friend's dream who resided in a realm between worlds, lending guidance and protection to worthy beings passing through.

Cornelia Logan began playing cello when she was nine years old. She grew up in a creative Waldorf environment,with a musician (piano) father\teacher,where singing and music making together were common place.

Cornelia studied music and voice at Emerson College in England, where upon completion of the program the students traveled to sacred sites throughout England and performed in spaces that were designed acoustically to carry sound without amplification.

During the early years of mothering there was little time to devote to music, "It is therefore very reaffirming to me that the musicality that was developed in my early years can be accessed anew in my life now. Playing with Mamalama is a dream come true!"

Former and occasional Mamalama players
Charlie Schikowitz was the violinist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist for the band Mamalama for seven years.
Inspired by the folk music of his childhood in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Charlie has ventured into the music and artistic stylings of many world cultures, including gypsy-jazz, traditional middle-eastern belly dance, African drumming and dance, Irish fiddle, Brazilian capoeira, classical European music, American folk/pop/roots songwriters, and the choral music of various world cultures.
Charlie also records and performs his original music for guitar/voice throughout the Hudson Valley.
Sharon Penz plays cello and sings.
She is a classically trained musician who got pulled into the alternative and avante garde music scene through her collaborations with various theater and modern and interpretive dance pieces. Sharon has performed as a dancer and cellist in everything from Gertrude Stein to Shakespeare, and has performed with poets Jeff Davis, Phillip P. Levine, various visual artists, and many theater and dance groups. She presently performs and composes for Gnomon Shadow Theater, an eclectic multimedia theater group founded with her husband, Zzoe Rowan.
Sharon is taking a break from Mamalama. You can hear her cello and voice on many tracks of "Willows and Waves" and "The World of Color and Light".
Dave Gluck teaches at SUNY Purchase. As a founding member of Rhythm & Brass, he has toured the world as percussionist extraordinaire and has been acclaimed as a virtuoso mallet performer and drummer. Sometimes he plays with us.
You can hear his work many tracks of "The World of Color and Light".
Kikipapa (aka Kevin Holström Bradshaw), is from the West Midlands of England. He plays Celtic whistles, bodhran, djembe, didgeridoo, and various percussion objects, and joined the band Mamalama just in time to record an album with them. He says "All my other activities besides playing music — filmmaking, puppetry, acting, teaching, dancing, and so on — have really been excuses to play music". He has played with Crabtree's Evil Army, Jude Roberts, Spatter the Mud, Dr. Surf, and enjoyed a UK number one hit "The Chicken Song" with the TV puppet show "Spitting Image". He is influenced by world music, including Celtic, Sanskrit devotional, North Indian classical music, the classical European composers, and American rock/folk/blues/roots songwriters.
Kikipapa has relocated to Sweden, and so can't play with us live. You can hear him on many tracks of "Willows and Waves".
music and lyrics

Mamalama's latest recording: "The World of Color and Light".
Recorded in October 2011 at ArtFarm by Brian Macaluso of Clandestine Recording, who also mixed and mastered it.

1. The World of Color and Light	
2. Walk the Line	
3. Judas	
4. Music Box	
5. Light From Light	
6. Oceania	
7. Flowers and Blood	
8. Lullaby in Suspension	
9. Pangaea's Lullaby	
10. Giant Yellow Duck	
All music composed and © 2011-12 by Elizabeth Clark-Jerez and Mamalama.

Elizabeth Clark-Jerez: harp, voice, music, lyrics
Charlie Schikowitz: violin, guitar, banjo, berimbau
Henry Lowengard: hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder, pianica, bell lyre
Sharon Penz: cello
Recorded at Art Farm, Accord, NY, Thanks! to Sean Boyd.
Mixed and mastered at Clandestine Studios, Rosendale, NY by Brain Macaluso
Cover paintings by Erin Victoria Dinan and Justin Love.
You can hear whole streamed tracks, and buy them on BandCamp! You can get it digitally or order a physical CD.

Here are a few tracks from this recording, and a few other ones as well....
You can purchase them from BandCamp.
The World Of Color And Light (excerpt)

The World Of Color and Light

With this song I'll recreate the 
night the  light the ease of our sa-
cred moment living in the world 
of color and light.

Timeless Time, 
      Space between,
Wake and dream.

With this song I'll live again 
inside the breath of our brief flight sa-
cred moment sun tucks behind pain-
ted blossoms sky fills our eyes. 

Dusk or dawn, 
    Space between
Wake and dream, 
      beyond the veil
of our eyes
     pulled  beneath
Tides of time
    calling us home.


This world is not my home.

Inside one sacred moment is life. 

Walk The Line (excerpt)

Walk the Line

The highest heights are rattled by the wind
It's a long way up, but a longer, longer, longer way down
Just holding on to the seams just like a pin
No threads can mend the worlds of love and sin.

Walking the line between
Fall in the mud and get clean.

A virtue holding steady in the wind,
A fragile bliss is taking root within
The holy and the exhibitionist,
The prude, the slut, the hunger of a kiss

Walking the line between
Fall in the mud and get clean.
Walking between the lines
See the face of death, face of light. 

Judas (excerpt)


I am in the land of Judas
Does anyone know whose truth this is?
As it has been woven
one pull can make it come undone
the Garden lay unkept, burning in the sun

I am in the land of Judas
everybody knows we're just a work in progress
one pull of this golden thread
lifts the veil over our weary head
to see the world below where all the silent ugly things are hiding

You who know my hiding place
You must come here 

True love won't run dry.

I am in the land of Judas
fruit in hand 
taken from the Garden
does anyone know whose fruit this is?
it tasted real until a taste of Kiss
to forge the world below----shadows in the sun.
The Music Box (excerpt)

Music Box

Who cast the rhythm of day?
Who moves my hands to play?
Who seed the flowers bloom
Turning the waters with the moon?

Know as everything falls apart
Just to know that the sun will rise
We are thrown in the alchemist's fire
To forge a heart of gold

Who brought me to this place?
Is that who will take me out?
Heavy is the veil on my face
Between where I'm going, and where I come from.

Know as everything falls apart
Just to know the sun will rise
We are thrown in the alchemists fire
To forge a heart of gold
And only then will I know to sing
Just to know the sun will rise
It is already Known.

Light From Light(excerpt)
Light from Light (D major)

And the way to your heart is never through your head.
And the way to the sun  is hardly through the moon.
We can drink up the sun as it enters this empty room.
I can open the door.a
I can welcome you in.

Light from light
return to the One who paints these funny scenes.

I can open the door,
 I can welcome you in.
We can smell all the flowers 
beauty underneath our feet
above, below, a thousand names.
We can feel all the wind
We can drink up the stars as they poke through an empty night.
We can stare in our eyes
We can listen for quieter things.....

Light from light
return to the One who paints these funny scenes.
Oceania (excerpt)
based on a true story.

Holding to this grain of sand
Vast expanding meaningless
Oceania where's the pearl?
Nestled deep inside some holding on

Falling down into the heart

Gentle revelation love
Love like blood from whitest bird
Bleeding through we cannot hide
Bleed straight through, sun hollow white

Near the ocean where they meet
Crashing waves against their feet
Lovers cavernous and deep
Longing for eternity

Even now you take him from me
Into the arms of love they take their leave

She can feel his loneliness
Scrape across the ocean floor
He can feel her Holy kiss
Healing all that's ever been
He can feel her loneliness
Scrape across the ocean floor
She can feel his holy kiss
Healing all that's even been

Even now you take him from me
Into the arms of love they take their leave
Even now you take him from me
Into the arms of Love?.

Sei la mi anima.
Flowers and Blood (excerpt)
Flowers and Blood

Love is
Flowers and blood.

Runs through the body
Makes our hearts heavy
Gift of the flowers
Open like lovers
Love for the painful
Changes to flowers
Feel how I'm broken
Broke into flowers

La da da da da,  La da da da da

Love breaks us open
Open like flowers
Feel how we're bleeding
Welcome the flowers
Blood through the body
Love makes us heavy
Heavy like water
Water the flowers.

La da da da da,  La da da da da
Lullabye In Suspension (excerpt)

Lullaby in Suspension

From the sun
Passes through me.
Hold tight
Let it come
We're not moving.

You're my night
In the day
Like the ocean
We wave.

From a cloud
Look it's blooming.
Your eyes
From their shroud
Push and pull me.

You're my night
In the day
Like the ocean
We wave.

Hold my light
As a phase
Like the ocean
We wave.

You're my night
In the day
Like the ocean
We wave.
Pangaea's Lullaby (excerpt)

Pangaea's Lullaby

If I lie here while you are sleeping,
Do you know I am here?
Like a dream upon awaking,
Time will fade into the sun.

Hear the drum of our hearts breaking - 
it is you who is my heart.
My love is everlasting,
Time will fade into the sun.

As you go into the waking
Always know I am here
Greet the dawn the birds of morning
Time will fade into the sun.

Giant Yellow Duck (excerpt)

"The World of Color and Light (Special EP)".
Recorded in October 2011 at ArtFarm by Brian Macaluso of Clandestine Recording, who also mixed and mastered it.

Featuring three tracks from the 10 track album "The World of Color and Light":

1. The World of Color and Light 
2. Light From Light 
3. Pangaea's Lullaby 
All music composed and © 2011-12 by Elizabeth Clark-Jerez and Mamalama.

Elizabeth Clark-Jerez: harp, voice, music, lyrics
Charlie Schikowitz: violin, guitar, banjo, berimbau
Henry Lowengard: hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder, pianica, bell lyre
Sharon Penz: cello
Recorded at Art Farm, Accord, NY, Thanks! to Sean Boyd.
Mixed and mastered at Clandestine Studios, Rosendale, NY by Brain Macaluso
Cover paintings by Justin Love.

Willows and Waves. Recorded in early 2010 at Digital Dave's studio by Ted Orr, who also mixed and mastered it and played tabla on the title track.
Hazel Tree
Same Room Twice
Feather and a Dream
Willows and Waves
Tango Del Niebla
Love Lies Sleeping
Iron Roots
Sparkle (spinning chair remix)

Executive Producer: Digital Dave
Engine-ear'd by: Ted Orr
All songs written and produced by: Elizabeth Clark-Jerez
(except "Iron Roots" written by Charlie Schikowitz)
Orchestrations by: Mamalama
Elizabeth Clark-Jerez: harp/voice/compositions
Charlie Schikowitz: violin/djembe/vocals/guitar
Henry Lowengard: hammered dulcimer/recorder/pianica/magyar citera
Sharon Penz: cello/vocals
Kaefan Shaw: flutes/whistles
Ted Orr: Tablas
Zzoe Rowan: hurdy gurdy
"Thanks to Where all the Music comes from..."
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Here are a few tracks from this recording, and a few other ones as well....
You can purchase them from BandCamp.
Hazel Tree
Written under water.
Swim down
underneath the world of green
your seeds are dropping in the fishes deep

follow me down
to rise above

Lure you
underneath the hazel tree
rise above
open heart receive this seed

follow me down
to rise above

Same Room Twice
A song about particle physics.
You cannot walk into the same room twice
You cannot walk into the same room twice
How you gonna change me?

Feet in the tide wet and dry where the land takes drink
Eyes open wide space and time always receding
Particle light waves inside stars are breathing
Look in my eyes it's yourself that you're seeing

Everything is changing.

Feather and a Dream

Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ...

It was all a sheet of water
Skated around on my feet
To the sky there fell a ladder
And it's shadow underneath
There's nothing really to see here
Just a choice of up or down
Just to choose if you're in or out or in between
If you are silent
If you are sound.

 Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ...

So I skated around on the water
As far as the eye could see
Wave after wave kept crashing in
But my feet they stayed straight
If you only knew how free you were
If you only knew how deep
If you only knew how free you were
You'd close your eyes to see.

 Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ...

Rise in my cloud
Bring the water down
I love you so eagerly.
Your in my heart like a little bird
Flown out to sea.

Willows and Waves
Oh love, you're not alone
Under the willows
Under the waves
In the fire where you were forged
Stardust and clay they made your name

If you ever forget your home
Feel how I'm beating in your veins
And when all the world grows cold
Stardust and clay
We are the same.

Always waiting
Always waiting for you
To drop a line
To drop a feather
To leave me something that's true
All it takes is a little lightning to bring me back to you.
A little lightning
A little flood
to bring me back home to you.
I can't go where you are.

Lift the veil.

A song about waking up in the morning.
I'm waiting on the other side
Come see me in the fireflies
I've been here for a long long time
Here watching with the GalaxEyes.

Dew drops gather in the morning light.
Even the grass is listening when we speak.
Tango Del Niebla
Tango of the Mist.
Lying in my bed thinking how did you find your way in here?
Came in through the curtain of a thousand shallow hours
Awaiting deep
Who are you that comes like this?

Lifting up the veil to uncover what's been waiting on the inside
Tango del Niebla can we ever sing the voice of this quiet aching?
Who are you that comes like this?

Only in dreams will we wake
To this mess we're in

Only in dreams is it safe
To lean into this

Wanting to love a mistake
Oh this mess we're in

Only in dreams will we wake
To this flood.
I'm not afraid 
afraid of darkness
it's you whose afraid of light.

How long you've been
hiding behind 
emptiness and pain.

Fleeing the light
the light of Truth and day
fiending control of lives
seething with rage

You've been building a wall all around
burying yourself inside.

Come untied.

It's not I who's afraid of the darkness
See now it's you who won't
step into the light.
Not your offering.
I'm not your puppet string.
Nothing to hide as I
become untied.

Try to pull me in (way down)
where I've already been
long enough to know
there's nothing here.
There's nothing here.
there's nothing here.
there's nothing here.

Love Lies Sleeping
Felt you like the sun
a slowly rising light
look how the day is changing into night again
I know you'd be so warm

My love lies sleeping
tucked underneath the leaves
been tearing your roots out of me
gathering all your seeds

Don't make me look into you at all today
it's burning out my eyes
like I can choose how the waves rise and fall again
like trying to change the tide

my love lies sleeping
only to rouse
all this bloodless weeping
cover me with cloud

The purest love 
is like that cloud
illuminated by the sun.
The purest love
is born of darkness
illuminated by the sun.

All I've ever wanted is love.

by Charlie

Missing Piece
There's a missing piece
That was found in you
Can't I be self contained
Can't I be self contained

Sing through the walls to you
Sing it back to me
Music carries on the trees
Can't I be self contained

Always wanting something outside
Though you seem to be inside
Of my mind
All the time.

There's a missing piece
That was found in you
Can't I be self contained
Can't I be self contained

There's a missing piece
That was never really there
A little crack in a perfect heart
A little break in a perfect heart

Always wanting something outside
Though you seem to be inside
My mind
Holding onto Nothing
High wire walking
On golden strings
All tied to you
Tied to you

St. Mary of the Snow
The end chant is in Hawai'ian describing movement of water

White moths
Touch my skin
Try to open
Try to let them in

One sweep of wing turns the body into snow.

White moths
Fall through darkness to the flame
Snow white body
Pushes darkness from their wing.

One sweep of wing turns the body into snow.

Na koo loo Kawaii
Na koo loo koo loo Kawaii

upcoming events

December 2014

past events

You may have heard us here! If you have pictures, recording or video, we'd love to see them because we are underdocumented.

We often play in the NYC subways as part of the "Music Under New York" program of the MTA . Usually, we are seen in the Graybar Passage of Grand Central Terminal or at the Times Square station near the Shuttle.

Mamalama has performed throughout the Northeastern United States at such venues as

The Living Seed in New Paltz, NY,
The Towne Crier Café, Pawling NY (and in Beacon, NY), 
The Sinterklaas Festival, Rhinebeck NY, 
The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY, 
Kripalu,  Lenox, MA, 
The Vanderbilt Mansion Gardens in Rhinebeck NY, 
Tivoli Street Painting Festival in Tivoli,NY,
The Shrine in Harlem, NYC, 
The Gershwin Hotel in Manhattan, NYC, 
The Woodstock Goddess Festival, Woodstock and Kingston NY, 
The Two Row Wampum Festival Beacon NY, 
COSM Wappinger's Falls NY, 
Midsummer Night's Dream Faerie Festival and Masquerade Ball NY, 
BSP Lounge, Kingston NY, 
Old Glenford Church, Rosendale NY, 
Beltane, Tilson NY, 
Organic Rock Concert, Rosendale NY, 
Pine Hill Steampunk Festival, Pine Hill NY, 
Hudson Music Festival, Hudson NY, 
Montauk Music Festival, Montauk NY, 
Boston Yoga and Chant Festival, Weston, MA,
The Colony Arts Center, Woodstock NY, 
PhotoSensualis Art Gallery, Woodstock NY, 
The Bearsville Theater, Woodstock NY, 
Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival, PA, 
Gomen Kudasai, New Paltz, 
Caravan of Dreams, NYC, 
Deep Listening Space Dream Festival, Kingston NY, 
Mountain View Studio, Woodstock NY ,
Mezzaluna, Saugerties NY ,
The Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY ,
The Adorno Sound Project, at Columbia University's Teacher College, 
and has performed live on WKZE radio's "Nightshade" with Paul Higgins, 
WDST radio Woodstock, WVKR Vassar College Radioactive Lunch with Radman X, 
and is an official performing artist with MUNY (Music Under New York), playing music for mass transit throughout NYC subways and rail stations.

mamalama photos and videos

Black Creek photos by Natalie Hanson.