Falling Broken Wings

Falling Broken Wings is a company of Ada's & she has a brother named Raymond. Falling Broken Wings is also something that is a comedy company. Most of its movies are comedies. The movie that is on the first page is The White Crystal followed by more exciting films.


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MAE, WOLF & COLIN (2010 in production)
Based off Ada Iris' book of the same name. It is about three children who go to Mililiai, a school for young tribe members in progress. The four tribes are Barkai, Sitiai, Mariai, and Kariai. Colin and Irine journey to the Garin hideout to stop the Garin army from invading the school. There is some confusion and Irine and Colin get into the army.

ANOTHER WORLD (2010 in production)
Mikko and her brother Jim find one day that their fireplace can teleport them to another world. When they get there, they meet Avril the white queen, who tells them that she needs their help. THey go to rescue the three knights that have been captured and trained. Unfortunately, the Darkenhertz knows that they will go on this journey and stops them them before they can reach the castle. Will they make it?

The father of a girl named Mimi was killed in a car crash.
She was sent to find her sister.
Her mother didn't want to take care of her anymore,
because she was working too hard to keep up with the family.

TIME TRAVELLER (2008 - in progress)
A girl lives with her aunt and uncle and her cousin, Roger. She also has a cat named Bella. She goes back in time and finds the Declaration of Independence and brings it back to Roger. Then they Time Travel back to Egypt.
CATS (2007)
Based on the famous musical CATS, but with different cats and some new songs.

Nice koalas!
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Ichabod Crane and Brandon and The Headless Horseman.
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Kato is a cat that our friend Hudson had. He's playing with a ball in this picture.