The Drought!
the drought The Drought Are:
  • Omri: gyil, synthesizer
  • Ray: conga, djembe, drum machine
  • Ada: toy piano, shaker, dancing
  • Itai: bongos
"We play African Music"
the droughtSee the new trailer (Feb 18, 2006) with claymation characters: Dusty the Dust tornado plays the Synthesizer, Caw the crow caws on the loudspeaker and Scare the scarecrow plays the drums.
Here is the Drought Commercial video (Quicktime, 958K)

Here are their earliest MP3's: Omri played his parts over the phone. Nawaseb
Nawaseb- the Video! Live in Brooklyn, June 2, 2005.
More pictures from the Park Slope Lincoln Place Playground
Again in Brookyn!:January 2007
Itai's birthday show: Photo Album
The Drought!
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